Yearly reviews of this plan by core team stakeholders, public and local government officials, and continuous project updates are a goal for this and future updates. Changes in conditions and/or ratings as a result of those projects updates can also be incorporated as they happen.

Outreach and Education

  • To present a more united message with out partners in educational outreach, while also encouraging homeowner responsibility in land stewardship
  • To redefine and enhance our assessment structure and data
  • To utilize more Fire Adapted Communities principals and tools
  • To share our techniques and findings with the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network and apply what we learn from other participants

Structure Ignitability

  • To provide demonstration sites for a more hands-on approach to education
  • To include government leaders in the educational process
  • To encourage local government, through education, to create robust and meaningful incentives and disincentives for defensible space creation and home hardening through codes, tax incentives, or other incentive-based programs

Fuels Treatments

  • To continue to work with land agency partners in project work on public lands
  • To include work in areas of the county not mentioned in the CWPP

Improving Fire Response

  • To continue training paid staff in wildland fire techniques and safety
  • To re-establish volunteer wildland capacity

Post-Fire Preparation

  • To update a county Emergency Operation Plan and utilize federal funding for pre-hazard mitigation
  • 'To focus more educational time to post-fire preparation


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