Misconceptions People Have Regarding Hearing Aids

Several misconceptions about hearing aids prevent people from getting their hearing tested, exploring the possibilities of devices to improve hearing, and wearing devices if they do get them. The first one is cost. People think hearing devices are all expensive. While some models can cost thousands of dollars each, there are small and modern aids that cost a fraction of that total.

Not everyone who suffers hearing loss experience it in both ears either. It is not uncommon for someone to only need one hearing device. This situation resolves the monetary issue by cutting it in half. If two are recommended, they can be purchased one at a time to spread out costs.


Different sizes are available at most price points. The shape of the ear and ear canal, the type of hearing loss diagnosed, and the lifestyle of the wearer are key factors in determining the size of the device, not costs. Ear canals that are narrow or misaligned are not appropriate for the virtually invisible aids that fit into the canal. A severe loss may also require a larger aid, one that extends out along the inner ear, or the type that sets behind the ear.

The capabilities of the wearer also contribute to the type and size of device selected. Someone with limited fine motor skills or manual dexterity will not be able to place a device securely into the ear canal. This is why sizing and final fitting of hearing devices must be completed by an audiologist. That professional ensures the fit is ideal, the user knows how to put them in and take them out, and any questions are answered clearly for complete understanding.


Another misconception is that aids require constant maintenance and will need frequent and expensive repairs. This is simply not true. The batteries need to be taken out at night and put back in the morning for the device to operate consistently. Batteries left in devices when they are not in use will wear down fast and have to be replaced often.

Cleaning the device(s) can be done with a soft cloth. A special brush is provided to clean out the opening of the device every few days. Place them in the case for safe keeping and they will be well protected.

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